It is the UPS family focused on High Density Computer Enviroments, and critical industrial applications where the reduction of footprint is a priority, with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology, True On-line, Double Conversion. It is specially designed to provide the greatest flexibility with significant footprint savings.
Output Power Factor: 1.0 (unitary).
Power Density: up to 272 kW/m2
Input Power Factor: 0.99
Up to 95.5% efficiency in double conversion mode and 98% efficiency in eco mode.
Ripple free battery charge which increases battery lifespan.
Wide range of Input Voltages at 100% load (-23% /+ 15%)
Up to 6 x 20 KVA modules in the same cabinet with an average weight of 25 Kg per module.

Space limitations are often challenging, especially in areas where the price per square meter is very high. Therefore, the small space occupied may be the most important criterion when it comes to deciding on the appropriate energy protection system. Its flexible design offers the "pay as you grow" advantage, ideal in situations where requirements change quickly and without notice. Provides power protection from 10 KW to 120 KW (1 to 6 sections) in a single industrial cabinet. The powerful configuration offers a solution with maximum energy density of 272 Kw / m2. The DPA UPScale enables cost reduction through unbeatable performance, fast and efficient implementation, and extremely low running costs. The DPA UPScale generates a power factor at the input close to the unit at full and partial load and reduces the dimensions of cables and protections, and consequently reduces the materials (and costs) associated with the electrical installation of the system. Class leading with total harmonic distortion in input current (THDi) virtually eliminates harmonic pollution in the network.

Certificación T.U.V. 2001
Certificación S.Q.S.
Certificación Swiss
Certificación I.Q. Net
Certificación NYCE
Norma Oficial Mexicana
ISO 9001


At K-TRONIX we are at your disposal in the process of implementing energy backup technologies.

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