Conceptpower DPA 500 has the lowest cost of operation compared to any other UPS system, offering energy efficiency, scalability and ergonomic design that allows for easy maintenance. The rack-mounted configuration allows the system to be sized to the appropriate power capacity, inserting or removing modules while remaining online, capable to add power as needs grow without increasing the footprint, This makes maintenance easier by allowing modules to be replaced without shutting down the system. Together with its excellent performance (>96%), all these factors give the Conceptpower DPA 500 the lowest total cost of operation compared to any similar system. The DPA-TRONIX Decentralized Parallel Architecture is based on independent sections with Safe-Swap including the hardware and software of a complete UPS, therefore eliminating all common points of failure. Each DPA-TRONIX (Safe-Swap) module is a complete UPS including CPU, control panel, power electronics, and static bypass switch bypass and containing all parallel functions making scalability quick and simple to perform at the clients end. An unlimited number of UPS’s sections can be connected in parallel.

Certificación T.U.V. 2001
Certificación S.Q.S.
Certificación Swiss
Certificación I.Q. Net
Certificación NYCE
Norma Oficial Mexicana
ISO 9001


At K-TRONIX we are at your disposal in the process of implementing energy backup technologies.

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