The UPS-ST-10 is an industrial grade product, manufactured by K-TRONIX with solid state components, constant voltage, with high performance regulation, built with Stand Alone architecture. The equipment is designed according to the particular needs of each client, in commitment with the quality standards required by each project.

The UPS-ST-10 equipment for single-phase output are SFI industrial grade, for online operation, double conversion (C.A. - C.C. and C.C.-C.A.), PWM, VFI-SS-111 classification. This advanced design offers the highest degree of protection in critical applications, where the load must be permanently supplied with quality energy and where it also demands high availability and dynamic performance of the backup system, due to the importance of its load.

Certificación T.U.V. 2001
Certificación S.Q.S.
Certificación Swiss
Certificación I.Q. Net
Certificación NYCE
Norma Oficial Mexicana
ISO 9001


At K-TRONIX we are at your disposal in the process of implementing energy backup technologies.

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