UPS PowerLine is industrial grade UPS with online operation, double conversion (C.A. – C.C. and C.C.-C.A.) rated VFI-SS-111. This advanced design offers the highest degree of protection in critical applications, where the load must be permanently supplied with quality energy and where, additionally, it demands high availability and Dynamic performance from the backup system, due to the importance of its load.
DPA PowerLine is an industrial grade product, manufactured by K-TRONIX with solid state components, constant voltage, high performance regulation, built entirely in the factory, with no assembled, glued or overlapping parts, self-contained in a non-modular cabinet.


RECTIFIER / CHARGER: Solid state, constant power, phase controlled, 6 or 12 pulses full-wave rectifier based on thyristors (SCR’s), regulated output voltage, rectifier with automatic charging device with two operating modes, fast charge and float.
INVERTER: Static, based on IGBT power transistors with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology. Capable of transferring the load to the bypass line automatically, when the battery final discharge voltage is reached, without interruption, by means of the automatic transfer static switch.
AUTOMATIC TRANSFER STATIC SWITCH: Connects the load to the bypass source when an overload or fault occurs, it is designed to withstand an overload of 1000 percent of the rated current for one cycle.
INTERNAL BYPASS SWITCH: Make Before Break type switch, to ensure absolute continuity in power supply to the load.
MEASURING, PROTECTION, ALARMS AND SIGNALING INSTRUMENTS: The UPS has an alphanumeric digital liquid crystal display (LCD) to make adjustments and check electrical parameters, as well as a mimic panel.

Capacity 5 - 120 KVA per cabinet
Output power factor 1,0
Input voltaje tolerance -30%, +15% Others Available
Dynamic voltaje regulation 1%
Overload capacity 150% for 1 min / 125% for 10 min
Efficiency 96%
Communication ports USB, RS-232, SNMP Dry contacts
Application Industrial
Noise <49-55 dB
Operating temperature -10°C to 45°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1500 x 1800 x 900 mm
Certificación T.U.V. 2001
Certificación S.Q.S.
Certificación Swiss
Certificación I.Q. Net
Certificación NYCE
Norma Oficial Mexicana
ISO 9001


At K-TRONIX we are at your disposal in the process of implementing energy backup technologies.

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