Acondicionador de Voltaje tipo Servo-Operado Acondicionador de Voltaje tipo Servo-Operado

KTRONIX-STAB D voltage stabilizer operation principle is based on an auto transformer arranged with a cursor operated by a servomotor, adding or subtracting turns from the winding. This self-adjusting movement is controlled by an electronic command, which is activated every time the output voltage deviates from its calibration value, automatically adjusting itself and thereby permanently keeping the output voltage stable. It also contains a transformer at the input, allowing for electrical isolation from the power supply.

Certificación T.U.V. 2001
Certificación S.Q.S.
Certificación Swiss
Certificación I.Q. Net
Certificación NYCE
Norma Oficial Mexicana
ISO 9001


At K-TRONIX we are at your disposal in the process of implementing energy backup technologies.

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